In The Lair Of Locks: 4 Things Your Locksmith Wants You To Know

Locksmiths garnered their name for a reason. They're not limited to saving you after being locked out of your house or getting you back into your car without damaging your door. Hence, with regard to the trade, the suffix smith; they're skilled at sealing and securing in general. Discover several different ways in which a locksmith can aid you in other areas of security.

1. There's strength in locks. 

Homes with window pane doors or entry points near windows are best protected by double cylinder deadbolts. Single cylinder deadbolts can be just as effective on preventing entry from breakage or lock picking. The caveat is that an intruder can easily break out that nearby glass, reach in and simply turn the thumb side of the deadbolt lock. Double cylinder deadbolts require the use of a key to lock and unlock on both sides.

2. Complete replacement isn't always necessary.

Say you've just moved into a new house or you've lost your keys and now you need to change the locks for security precautions. You're not too happy about having to change out the antique door handle original to your home. Or perhaps the cost of an entirely new unit is not in your budget. A locksmith can simply change out the lock cylinder tumbler, or key mechanism, without altering the entire door handle. 

3. Let your service workers in.

If you have service people routinely coming in and out of your home, an extra set of locks may be beneficial. Have your locksmith outfit your exterior doors with a deadbolt lock as well as a standard doorknob one. You keep the master key that opens both locks and provide your maid service, contractor or babysitter only with the single key to the doorknob lock. When you're expecting them, simply leave the deadbolt undone so that they can access your home if you're not available. When their services aren't needed and when turning in for the night, you still have the extra security of the deadbolt lock that only you have the key for.

4. We're craftsmen by trade. 

Your contractor may have outfitted your home with locks when doors were installed on your newly built or remodeled home. But years down the line you now want to get new doors. A skilled locksmith (such as one from Apex Lockout & Locksmith Services, LLC) is able to install fresh locks on those new doors for you as well. Whether they're pre-cut or require fine tools such as hole saws and needle-nose pliers, locksmiths are trained to handle those types of construction projects.