Top 3 Reasons To Choose Cremation Services

If you're planning an afterlife service for a loved one, you may be wondering whether cremation is a good idea. There are several reasons that many people choose cremation services over a traditional burial, and here are some of the top arguments. 

Cuts Down the Cost

Cremation services can be a cost effective solution for many reasons. With a cremation, you are able to avoid the costs of embalming and storing the body until your ceremony. A casket can be a major source of cost for the family, while urns are often less expensive. The costs of transporting the casket to a cemetery and buying rights to a cemetery plot are also substantial. Instead, cremation is a simple process that requires less time and money. 

Offers More Flexibility

Cremation also allows much more flexibility in your afterlife plan. For instance, once the body is cremated, you can choose to hold the ceremony whenever you wish. This can be critical when families need more time to book flights from around the country in order to make it to the ceremony. With cremation, you also have more flexibility in where and how you hold the memorial service. You might choose to hold a burial ceremony in your backyard for instance, and you won't need the services of a hearse or police escort to transport the casket. Scatter at sea memorial services are also a popular end goal for a cremation. 

Allows for Multiple Final Resting Places

Another reason to choose cremation is that it allows you to retain the ashes of your loved one for multiple uses. Cremated ashes can be placed in urns or planters, or even mixed into raw materials to create jewelry or sculptures. If you and your family can't agree on a final resting place for your loved one, it may be a good idea to have the ashes cremated so that different family members can take parts of them to create several different types of memorials.

If the family is spread out over many areas, cremation can also make it easier for each family member to pay their respects in the future. For instance, you might split the ashes into two urns and bury them in two different states, near two important branches of the family. 

In short, cremation services are a great option if you need flexibility in how you plan your funeral service. Not only can you save money by choosing this option, but you can give more family members a say in the fate of their loved one. Contact a funeral home, like Peninsula Funeral Home, for more information.