Three Reasons To Consider Hiring Armed Versus Unarmed Security Guards

If you are thinking about hiring one or more security guards for your business, you will need to decide on whether to use armed or unarmed security guards. The following are a few good reasons to consider hiring armed security guards. Or if you already employ unarmed security guards, you should consider upgrading to armed security guards.

Increased deterrence

You may be thinking that there is greater danger of someone being hurt when a guard has a sidearm, but these guards have extensive training in the use of a gun, and are no more likely to use their weapon than a police officer. But because their gun is in plain sight, they are offering up a clear demonstration of the ability to respond to a threat in or around your business. Often, a guard who has no weapon will not provide any intimidation or induce second thoughts in the mind of a would-be criminal. At best, they can call other unarmed guards for physical assistance to help with someone who is unruly. Other than that, they can call the police, but by the time the police show up, there may already be extensive property damage or loss of assets.

Greater training in security

Armed guards have training in both the protection of business assets as well as protecting people. They can be used in situations where there is cash or valuable property that attracts the wrong element as well as protecting people from becoming the victims of crime. These guards often have been trained to a higher level of observation. This gives them a better chance of recognizing a problem that is developing so they can stop the situation from becoming a major incident. They can be employed regardless of whether your business is open or closed.

Greater versatility

Armed security guards can walk among people at live events, offering protection for your business and your customers. They can also provide armed protection to complement high tech security systems. This includes video cameras and sophisticated alarm systems. They are often familiar with or have had experience with similar systems. Their advanced training makes them an asset at any hour of the day or night.

You can get a quotation for security guard service for you business, but keep in mind the benefits of armed security guards. Although they will cost more than unarmed guards, this is due to their advanced training, and it is often worth the extra cost for your business. Contact a company like Security Services Northwest, Inc to learn more.