4 Ways To Boost Safety On Your Farm

Accidents are always unexpected, but this doesn't mean you can't avoid them. In many instances, a lack of attention to safety is the reason for an incident. By finding ways to boost safety on your farm, you can better protect your property and all your hard work.

Invest In Wheel Blocks

Ensure you have wheel blocks on site. You likely use carts, wagons, or trailers to haul loads around your property. When you're ready to drop the load and unhitch it from the trailer, unless you have someone else on the other end to keep it steady, the load can easily roll away. Wheel blocks can be installed on the cart, wagon, or trailer to keep it steady once it has been unhitched.

Don't Forget Protective Gear

Farm work is the definition of manual labor. For this reason, when you're down, work will also come to a halt, lowering productivity. Make sure you are taking proactive steps to protect yourself by wearing the right gear. First, when operating large machinery, keep your ears protected with ear muffs and wear goggles to protect your eyes from any flying debris. You also want to ensure you are wearing the right footwear to prevent slips.

Protect The Perimeter

When someone is injured on your property, you understand that the fault will likely fall on your shoulders. With this fault can come legal and financial responsibilities. You can reduce the likelihood of an injury to an intruder and possibly even lower your farm insurance premium by installing a secure fencing system around the property. In addition to fencing, ensure you also have clear trespassing signs installed to create an invisible line around your property.

Train Everyone

If you have a number of farmhands working with you, ensure everyone is trained within the area where they will operate. Any person operating large equipment should not be allowed to do so without first learning important safety tips and the risks that come along with operating the equipment, such as remembering to deactivate the PTO before exiting the tractor to ensure the tractor doesn't move while they are exiting from it or after.

Keeping safety at the forefront is important. This mind frame will help you protect your assets, investments, and everything you worked hard to produce. Your insurance agent can provide you with a number of additional ways in which you can keep safety first on your farm.