Fixing Up An Eyesore: Tips To Make Your Fireplace The Focal Point Of The Home

If you have a fireplace in your home, there are endless ways to turn this into a cool, contemporary focal point in the room. Even if it is in disrepair or is no longer functioning, don't miss the opportunity to turn it into something fabulous.

Some ways to make-over and fix-up your eyesore of a fireplace are:

Create a facade. If you don't like how your fireplace looks, consider adding thin layers of brick sheeting, which can be secured to the front of your hearth. Be sure that the material, including the adhesive, are safe to be used near fire and that the heat from a working-fireplace won't compromise your façade over time.

Fill the hole. If your fireplace is not functioning, consider using the insert where you would build your fire for something entirely different. Use the area where you would keep logs, for example, as a kitschy storage space for something else. There are many ideas found online related to creating a unique, fresh focal point out of a tired fireplace, and some of the most compelling suggestions include:

  • Use this space for an insert that will provide warmth and lighting in the room. These are often found in gas and electric models.
  • Fill the fireplace with stacks of books. This creates a warm focal point in a library or home office.
  • Fill the hearth with a pet bed, pillows, and toys to create a warm nest for your dog or cat to lounge.
  • Use this space to highlight a work of art, such as a statue or painting. Prop paintings or artwork up on a tabletop-size easel or simply support against the back of the fireplace.
  • Add mirrors or mirrored tile to the inside of the fireplace. The reflections of the room create a unique and contemporary look.

Paint the entire thing. Give it a dramatic makeover by painting the entire fireplace, hearth, and mantle a bold, solid color. Paint the brick, stone, and surrounding floor a vibrant shade of white, plum, or red to make it stand-out and become a conversation starter. Accentuate this with contrasting shades and complementing colors in the room for a modern recreation of your former space.

Spruce-up and make-over your old fireplace with one of these simple suggestions. Consider transforming your hearth, mantle, and fireplace and turning it into a feature of the home that others adore and envy, rather than an eyesore that simply takes up space. 

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