The Best Way To Pack

If you are going to be moving your things into a storage unit, then it's important for you to be sure to pack in a way that simplifies the entire process. You don't want to lose your things by allowing them to get misplaced in random boxes. You also want to avoid packing your items in boxes that allow them to become ruined because you don't remember that certain boxes have some of your belongings that have expiration dates or are otherwise fragile. When you go to unpack your things, you should find the experience to be a simple and stress-free one, and it can be as long as you have packed correctly. One way to do this is by creating a packing chart and following it to the letter. The information detailed below will help you to do this.

Gather everything you will need and pack the boxes

In order to pack your boxes while charting everything in them, you'll need the boxes; a thick, black, permanent marker; a notepad; a pen; a digital camera; a printer; printing paper; and tape. Pack one box at a time, and try to pack an entire room before you move on to another. This will help you to keep the house in better shape while you get through the packing process. Try to put related items into each box.

As you put an item in the box, write it down on the charting paper. After all of the contents are packed into a box, give the box a label, such as "Box A". Write that label onto the sides of the box in large and easy-to-see lettering, and then write the label next to the contents on the charting paper. This way, when you are looking for something, you can find the item on the charting paper and then look at its label. Now, all you have to do is find the box with that same label written on it and you'll have that item.

Take pictures of some of the contents in some boxes

If you are going to be packing a lot of small miscellaneous items into a box, then you may not feel like taking the time to write down all of those small items. This can take a lot of time and cause you to work more than you need to. Instead, you can lay the items out before you put them in the box and take a picture of them. Print the picture out and tape it on the side of the box. This allows you to know exactly what is in the box by quickly taking a look at the picture. Following these tips will make it a lot easier for you to pack and unpack your belongings.

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