Protect Your Nightclub From Fire: What To Discuss With Your Fire Protection Engineer

As a nightclub owner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your patrons don't get caught in a hellish blaze should something go terribly wrong. Part of that involves having clearly marked exits that are designed to accommodate emergency egress. However, it's also important that you bring in a fire protection engineer from a company like Zari Consulting Group and have them make sure the club itself is as fireproof as possible. It's important to have exits, but it should be your goal to have a club where a fire cannot spread. Here's some issues to discuss.

Fireproof Wall Insulation And Electrical Connection Boxes

In a new club, you can have fireproof materials used in the build, such as metal framing studs and fireproof concrete board. However, if you have brought an already-built space, you can't realistically go in and rebuild everything. What you can do is open up the walls and have a contractor cover the studs with fireproof insulation. This can help to prevent the spread of fire. You can also have extra fireproof insulation put in and swap out old insulation that might not be fireproof.

You should also make sure that the electrical boxes are all intact. If need be, have an electrician come in and rewire the lines and run everything through brand-new, saf,e fireproof metal boxes. This will help prevent the fire from spreading should a frayed wire spark.

Mercury Sensor Sprinkler System

While it's important to have fire extinguishers placed strategically around the club, you should not rely on your staff to put out a fire. What you should do is install a sprinkler system that is activated by a mercury switch. These will immediately release water once the mercury sensor detects heat above a certain temperature. There are other activation devices, such as a sensor for smoke, but in a nightclub that can sometimes give false positives. You should speak with the fire engineer and discuss if a mercury (heat-based) activation sensor is the way to go.

Gaseous Suppression System For The Office Or Backroom Sound Area

If you want to go the extra step and are interested in protecting your computers, paperwork, and sound system from fire, but not have them ruined by water from sprinklers, speak with the fire engineer as to whether or not a gaseous system is a viable option. These used to be very popular, but with the ban on halon, they have become less popular. You can get recycled halon systems, or one of the newer alternatives to halon that are legal and don't pose as much of a health risk (suffocation being a major problem, along with toxicity in the air).