What Can Business Transcription Do For You?

If you have ever tried to keep up with an audiobook, you know that you can read faster than somebody can usually talk. The same applies when you are considering business meetings. Listening to all the "ums" and "hms" can take up time, as can pauses while people are thinking. This makes it all the more reasonable to consider having your meetings and phone calls transcribed rather than recorded and passed on to others. This guide will show you why transcription is a great idea for your business.

Save Time of Executives

When you transcribe your meetings, executives do not have to listen to recordings. They can catch up quickly, ensuring they have not missed important points. It is easy to scan a document for errors or questions, but this is not so much with an audio recording. Even fast forwarding a tape or MP3 file can lead to errors. Plus, you can easily highlight important components of a meeting with a paper document.

Clear Up Difficult Recordings

It is often difficult to listen to garbled recordings or those with different accents and multiple speakers with similar voices. Some voices are quiet. It is easy to become confused if all you have is a voice recording. The truth is that a written document can provide more detail in terms of who is speaking and what they have already said. Cleaning up the audio and presenting a paper document clears up possible confusion that could develop later on.

Transcription Helps You Create an Archive

It is often not enough to have audio recordings. The truth is that you may one day want to have a searchable database. When you use things like keywords and tags, you can easily create an archive on your computer so that those in your business can easily access them. You an also send them out as emails, serving as refreshers for earlier meetings.

Third Parties Can Type Transcripts For You

Of course, all of this sounds great. The problem is that you may not have the time to sit down and type out transcripts, which can take longer than the recording -- often triple the time if you are not a professional. Professional transcriptionists can actually type your documents for you, taking great care for your business's confidentiality. Additionally, these companies can work quickly and with the proper equipment to ensure that your documents arrive quickly and with great accuracy.