Three Reasons To Have Insurance That Covers Any And All Drivers

All commercial trucking companies will need commercial truck insurance. Most trucking companies will ensure their drivers and the loads for any type of incident that could possibly happen. As the company gets new drivers, they add these drivers to the insurance. While this is a good tactic to cover your company, it is a better idea to get comprehensive insurance that will cover anyone who gets behind the wheel of one of your vehicles. Here are three reasons why this works best. 

Trucks may be stolen

If a truck is stolen and crashed or damaged, you want to make sure that you are covered. If someone steals one of your trucks while in transit, you may have to go after them for damages. Suing someone else for damages can take a long time and your business could suffer in the meantime. If insurance covers anyone who gets behind the wheel, you can claim the damages on the truck and get your vehicle fixed. Stolen trucks will need to be fixed sooner than stolen cars since you will still need to be able to deliver loads on time. 

Another driver may have to help in a jam

There are issues that can come up with a truck when it is in transit and your driver may need help. For instance, if your driver backs up into mud and they cannot maneuver out the position, a more experienced driver may have to help them. If anything happens to the truck in this scenario, you need for the truck and repairs to be covered, since you will still need to be able to deliver the load. Being able to get a truck fixed through insurance will make things easier for your life. 

Your driver may let someone help

If your truckers are allowed to have a teammate or even friend go with them on certain points during a truck ride, there is always the chance that they will let the friend drive. Even if this is expressly forbidden, there is always the chance that it will still happen. If a passenger gets into an accident, you need to make sure that the load and the truck are covered. All possible passengers being covered is also protection for your business in the event that you have an accident. Any harm that comes about as an accident should immediately cover anyone so that your company does not have any out of pocket liability.