Why Thrift Store Furniture Finds Are Much More Valuable Than You May Think

When you walk into a thrift store, you may get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that lets you know that you are going to find some great pieces. After browsing for awhile, you may find some furnishings that you would love to claim for your own. Ultimately, when you locate that special piece of furniture that you absolutely cannot leave without buying, you firmly understand why thrift store shopping for furnishings is a pastime that will never fall out of favor.

What Happens When Your Gently Used Furniture Needs TLC?

Even very well maintained furniture can use a bit of sprucing up, especially when it has been housed in a thrift store for an indeterminate period. There may be scratches that become apparent under strong lighting, or you may just want your gently used furniture to shine like new again. There are some items that you may be able to fix yourself, but if you have specialty furniture, you cannot afford to make any major errors.

Professional specialty furniture restoration is a great option for those who frequent thrift stores. From antique dining room tables to custom-built executive desks, professional restoration allows each piece's personality to shine through without making any substantive changes. Restoration can remove thick layers of grime that took years to accumulate in only a few years, taking antique and specially made furnishings from being understated to spectacular masterpieces.

Preserving Furniture Purchased at a Thrift Store

Even though many specialty pieces of furniture found at thrift stores are far from brand new, they still have a lot of life left in them. If properly taken care of when in your possession, you won't even consider trading your thrift store furnishings in for more modern options. Many thrift store shoppers have found that their favorite pieces of furniture have historical value, and in turn, are worth a respectable amount of money once the restoration process has been completed.

Unique Furnishings Versus Antiques

Some of what you will find in thrift stores will be funky, retro, and eclectic, but these pieces of furniture won't be considered antiques. By contrast, furniture with historical value may exhibit expert craftsmanship and make for great conversation pieces, but it may not have much of a unique angle. Decide on which factor is more important before you go thrift store furniture shopping, then take your unique or antique furnishings to a great specialty furniture restoration store to get stellar results.