How A Predominant Use Study Can Help You Conserve Energy In Your Business

predominant use study is an examination and evaluation by a gas and electric company regarding your business's use of these power sources. If you have never had a predominant use study conducted, and you want to find out where you can cut expenses, now is as good a time as any to have a study done. Here is how such a study can help you conserve energy and cut operating costs in your business.

The Study Can Find Which Machines or Devices Are Consuming the Most

The primary focal point of this type of study is to find out which machines or devices in your building/business are consuming the most gas and/or electricity. The study then lists the machines and devices, from greatest consumption to least consumption. This gives you an idea of where all of your utility money is going, as well as some ideas of where and how to cut back.

The Study Can Give You Some Ideas of Power and Gas Substitutions

If some of the most power- and gas-consuming items on your list can be swapped out for more energy-efficient ones, the technician conducting the study will list your options. Something as simple as swapping out LED bulbs in your overhead fluorescent ceiling lights can make a big difference. Another possibility is converting more machines to run on propane or natural gas, which is often cheaper than electricity. All of the possible substitutions you can make will be provided upon request after the study is completed.

The Study Can Also Calculate Some Figures on What Your Current Costs Are vs. What They Could Be

Along with providing you with a list of possible energy practice and machine substitutions, a predominant use study provides you with your current expected costs of operation. It can also list your potential savings if you make all of the changes listed. If your business cannot afford to make all of the changes, considering making the biggest changes first. While these may be more expensive to complete, ultimately they will make the biggest difference in your electrical and gas consumption and operating costs. At the very least, you get to see how much money your business/company could be saving every month, and that is often a real eye-opener.

Who to Call

Usually a licensed engineer performs the study, evaluation and summation. It does vary from state to state, since some power companies will send their own technicians in place of an engineer for this type of study. Contact your city's department of public works and power regulation to see who to call about a predominant use study. To learn more, contact a company like Utility Consultants Inc.