Money-Raising Ideas For An Upcoming Field Trip

If you are the leader of a youth group and are in charge of raising funds for an upcoming field trip that you will be attending with them, the following money-raising ideas may assist with collecting the amount of cash that is needed to pay for the excursion.

Sell Discount Cards

Meet with local vendors and describe the efforts that you are making to raise funds for the children in your group. If they are willing to sponsor you, obtain permission to list them as a contributor and have their business name added to a discount card. Discount cards can be customized in order to provide citizens with a variety of ways to save at each business that is supporting your cause. Some businesses may offer to deduct a percentage off the cost of each purchase while others may offer promotions for specific products.

Sell the cards to the parents of the children in the youth group. During each sale, ask the purchaser if they could let some of their friends and family members know about the discount cards that you are selling in order to increase your odds of selling additional cards.

Host A Movie Night

Create a flier that advertises a movie night that will be held for your youth group members and their families. List information about the cost of tickets and where they can be obtained. Purchase some family-friendly movies, and set up equipment to play the movies on inside of the room where youth group meetings are normally held. Arrange rows of chairs for children, their siblings, and their parents to sit on.

Sell popcorn, chips, juice, and soft drinks before the movie night is about to begin. All proceeds that are raised due to ticket sales and the food and drink purchases can be added towards the collection for the field trip.

Offer A Shirt Decorating Workshop

Plan a shirt decorating workshop which involves embellishing t-shirts with fabric paint. Prior to the event, purchase t-shirts that are a variety of sizes. Arrange long tables inside of the room where you normally meet with your youth group. Pour fabric paint inside of shallow trays. Cut up sponges so that participants can dip them in different colors of paint and press them against their shirts if they would like.

On the day of the event, sell a shirt to each participant. Kids and adults can take their time creating their masterpieces, and everyone will be reminded of the fun activity when they wear the decorated garments in the future. For more information, contact a company like Discount Fundraising.