Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman – Reaching The Hearts Of Wild Women Everywhere

The Wild Woman movement seeks to celebrate the strengths, identities, and diversity of the wild women within. It works to create unity among women regardless of borders, geographic location, and language through art, philanthropy, and empowerment.

To this end, Laura Renee Maier, wild woman extraordinaire and textile artist, has teamed up with fashion designer Myriam Marcela to create wearable art. This art will be auctioned around the world with the proceeds funding the Mexican Society for Women's Rights, A.C.

Of course, that's not the only iron Laura Renee Maier has in the works. Maier has also combined forces with Portland designer Marcela Dyer and the French furniture company Roche Bobois to showcase a 12-piece collection of clothing and chairs prominently displaying portraits of women from around the world. Some would say that, like Laura Renee Maier, these women are all wild women in their own rights.

These unique portraits have been hand-cranked into the fabric using Maier's 100-year-old sewing machine.

What Does Wild Woman Mean?

The concept of the wild woman isn't exactly new. In fact, the reality of wild women existed long before it became a part of the modern ethos. Women today embrace the idea of being one of the mighty few, the wild woman who pursues her dreams without regret. The reality of the wild woman is something entirely different.

It isn't a common goal that all women share. And, while there is a sisterhood involved, the reality of being a wild woman is unique and individual to every woman. Each woman must create her own definition of who a wild woman is and make her own path to become that woman. She must also identify what it is that is preventing her from living freely and doing the things she desires most.

That is why women like Laura Renee Maier, a wild woman and artist, can create stunning art without fear.

But here is the real kicker. The true wild woman celebrates the sisterhood with women from all cultures, countries, backgrounds, and experiences. She understands that real wild women work to lift other wild women up — whether they are just beginning to answer their inner wildness or they have been embracing their own wildness for decades.

You don't have to be an artist, a writer, a poet, or a musician to be a wild woman. You simply must live authentically, creatively, and freely — even when it makes you feel vulnerable inside to do so. That is how Laura Renee Maier lives her life and creates her works of art.