Three Tips For Getting A Home Inspection Before A Property Transfer

Buyers and sellers should be aware of skipping something important like a home inspection. Doctors give you checkups, car mechanics look up under the hood, and home inspectors give your house a complete review so you know about all the big issues that aren't found by the naked eye. It can save you trouble because 86% of people buying homes report that the inspectors found a problem.

1. What work do home inspectors do?

Think about a home inspection like the ultimate checkup for your house. After the checkup, you'll be more informed about the house. Home inspectors will make sure that the house has structural integrity and will also inspect the plumbing, roofing, electricity, vents, air conditioner, boiler, patio, garage floor, and basement. They will also make sure your water isn't contaminated and that the paint doesn't have lead. Pest control problems can ruin property values, which is why home inspectors will also check for rodents and termites. About $5 billion is spent each year just to get termites under control. It is better to find these issues sooner rather than later.

2. When should you get home inspection services?

Always get a home inspection before you are about to buy a home or sell one. Whenever a property is about to change hands, a home inspection gives transparency to everyone participating. Hire licensed home inspectors that can also make changes and repairs to the problems that they find.

Schedule the home inspection far before the property transfer so that it doesn't get rushed. The work will cost $300-$500 the majority of the time. This cost can also be lumped into the closing or negotiated.

3. What's your next step after the home inspection is complete?

Don't just get the house inspected, fix the problems also. Start with the health problems that might plague the house. Sneezing, wheezing, and coughing are typical if you've got mold underneath drywall and flooring. This is why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) suggests that you quickly get it removed. Asbestos causes different forms of cancer and should be remediated.

Foundation problems are the next biggest priorities, along with electric and plumbing, and anything related to the roof or the structure.

Home inspections will help you so much in the long-run. It gives you the information that you need to make a property transaction.

For more information, reach out to local home inspection services.