Tips For Making The Most Of A Virtual Home Inspection

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extensive disruptions and challenges for virtually every industry, including the world of real estate. This is a difficult time for those who are trying to buy homes. Not only might you feel uneasy about visiting different residences for showings, but you may also want to physically avoid attending a home inspection after submitting an offer. Too many people in attendance at a home inspection can pose a safety risk, but you can take part in this eventually virtually — all from the safety of your home. Your home inspector (or an assistant) will hold a tablet or smartphone while walking through the residence, providing real-time footage of the home for you to watch through video-conferencing software. Here are some tips for making the most of a virtual home inspection.

Use A Big Screen

While it's certainly true that you can connect to the virtual home inspection on your smartphone, this isn't the time to use this device. It can be difficult to notice specific issues that the home inspector is pointing out on a screen that measures just a few inches across. Instead, you'll ideally want to connect to the session on a desktop computer with a large screen. If possible, you can even cast the feed to a TV, which will make the footage extremely large.

Don't Hesitate To Ask Questions

When you attend a home inspection in person, you should ask questions throughout the process. A good home inspector will be happy to address any queries that you have, which can help you to better understand certain issues in the home. It's important to take the same approach to your virtual home inspection. Chime in whenever you feel the need. When necessary, the person handling the tablet or smartphone can position the camera to give you a better look at something that catches your eye.

Record The Session

Many video-conferencing programs give you the option of recording the session, which can definitely be worthwhile in this application. A home inspection covers a lot of topics, and being able to go back and rewatch certain parts of the inspection afterward can help you to feel more informed. While your inspector will provide you with a full report a number of days after the virtual inspection takes place, rewatching the session in the meantime can give you a chance to contact him or her with any clarifications you may need in the meantime.

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