Reasons To Go With Hydraulic Dredging For A Body Of Water

When sedimentation happens to a body of water, that can create some issues. It can affect a boat's ability to pass on through and also cause contamination for plant and animal life. That's why dredging exists, a process where sediment on the bottom of a lake or river is removed. Hydraulic dredging in particular is a great option for these reasons in particular. 

Less Manual Labor Involved

When a company needs to have a body of water dredged, they typically don't have unlimited funds. Thus, the dredging process that is used needs to work with their budget. With hydraulic dredging, less manual labor is involved.

That's because specialized pumping equipment is used to remove sediment at the bottom of lakes or rivers, which doesn't require a lot of manpower to operate and maintain. That helps companies that are looking for cost-effective dredging solutions. 

Less Suspended Sediment

When sediment is removed at the bottom of a body of water, it's very important that very little of the sediment gets suspended. If this doesn't happen, then the entire ecosystem around the body of water could be affected. For instance, fish nearby could have this sediment get into their gills and subsequently not make it.

With hydraulic dredging, the process is actually pretty refined and clean. Not a lot of sediment will linger in the waters because of how effective the pumps are. They create a heavy-duty suction that is efficient throughout the entire dredging process.

Fine Materials Can Be Moved

Sometimes with mechanical dredging, fine sediments can't be moved. That's not ideal because then there is still a sediment problem that can cause a number of issues in the future. 

Luckily, hydraulic dredging isn't really limited to the types of sediment it can remove from the bottom of lakes and rivers. Things like silt or sand won't be a problem for the pumping equipment involved in hydraulic dredging.

It will be sent through pipes and then recycled appropriately. That's key for keeping sediment to a minimum and helping the ecosystem and various aquatic operations for years to come.

Sedimentation is a natural process that happens to bodies of water over time, but it's not always ideal. That's why dredging processes were invented. There are several options, but an impactful type is hydraulic dredging. A lot of companies rely on it because of the innovative equipment involved and the countless benefits that are associated with it. 

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