The Benefits Of Forming An LLC

When it comes to deciding how to organize your business, many small business owners start out with a basic sole proprietorship. But as your business grows, there are a number of reasons why you might want to look at other options, including LLC formation solutions. Here's why organizing your business as an LLC might be beneficial to you as your business continues to expand.

Keep Your Business Debt Separate From Your Personal Accounts

A sole proprietorship is simple to set up, but one of the leading downsides to it is that, when it comes to debt, your business debt is essentially also personal debt. That means if your business makes a bad decision and ends up in the red, this debt will end up affecting your personal financial standing as well. With an LLC, your business is its own entity, and your business debt is tied to just the company and not you personally. This means that, even if things go completely sideways, your personal assets like your house or your personal checking account will be off-limits from debt collectors.

Reduce Your Liability in Case the Business or an Employee is Sued

Another reason to think seriously about switching to an LLC set up is that it can reduce your personal liability. If your business makes a mistake or one of your employees somehow injures a customer while at work, the legal liability will not extend to you personally if your business is set up as an LLC, in the event that your company is ever sued. This will help mitigate the personal damage if things ever go off the rails, and you will be much more likely to recover and get back to business at some point, even if that means having to start a new company from scratch. You'll be able to do this because the legal problems of your first company will not follow you personally to your new one.

More Flexibility Than a Corporation

Of course, another option when deciding to upgrade the overall organization of your business would be to form a corporation. But corporations often introduce additional legal requirements, like establishing a board of directors who will assume some control over the company. An LLC avoids this situation, and you are free to set up your company however you like. A corporation often also has to deal with more complex tax laws, and that may be something you are not looking to deal with right now.

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