There Is A Process To Getting A New Water Well On Your Property

Living out of town may be your dream, and it can be a good dream. You just have to make sure that you have everything you need in order to live out in the country, in the woods, or in the mountains. That includes making sure that you have a well so that you can get water. The first thing that you have to do is hire a water well drilling company so that they start the process of drilling your well for you. It isn't something that is going to happen quickly, because there are things that the drilling company is going to have to do before they even bring out the drill to start the well. 

Find the Water

The first step to drilling your well is finding out where the water is. You want to have your well in the best spot to get the water, if at all possible. There are several ways to start finding the well. One of the ways is to get access to your state's geographical survey. You will need to know the exact location of your house, which can mean knowing the GPS coordinates but is more likely to mean your township and plat number. That should be on your deed, or you can go to your country offices and get the info there. You can give the survey to the water well drilling company so that they can use it. The company can also do things like bring in a penetrating radar which will give them a good idea as to what is under the ground, including how far down the water is. 


The water well company is also going to do all kinds of testing before they start the actual well. The reason to do these tests is that it would waste a lot of money to dig a well and find out that the water or soil is contaminated, which would make the well unusable. So, the well company is going to test the soil to make sure that it isn't full of harmful contamination. They are also going to see what kind of drainage the area has. The well company may also drill a very small borehole down to the water so that they can draw some up and test it. 

Getting a water well drilled on your property will let you have water when you live out of town. Hire a water well drilling company to get your well drilled and trust them to follow all the steps to getting your well.