Using A Bail Bonding Service When You Have Been Arrested

The right to post bail is essential for allowing the majority of criminal defendants to leave jail while they wait until their trial has been completed. Considering the amount of time that a criminal trial could take to be resolved, this may allow individuals to avoid spending many months in jail waiting on the outcome. For those that are in this situation, a bail bonding service can be a solution that will allow them to easily post the necessary bail amount.

Bail Bonding Services Can Provide 24-Hour Service

While there are some situations where individuals may negotiate to turn themselves in and have their bail posted immediately after, most defendants will find themselves in jail with little to no warning. As a result, they may need to start the process of posting bail at almost any hour of the day. Fortunately, there are 24-hour bail bond providers that will be able to meet this need for you regardless of the time of day that you are needing to post it.

The Bail Bonding Service You Choose Will Not Have A Role In Determining The Bail Amount

Individuals will often be under the impression that the bail bonding service that they choose will have a lot of influence over the amount of bail that is required. However, that is not the role that these services will play in the criminal justice system. Rather, a defendant will need to have their attorney handle any requests for bail modifications. Once the final bail amount has been set, this can be sent to the bail bonding service so that they can issue the bond to the court so that the defendant can be processed and released from jail.

A Bail Bond Will Have Stipulations That You Will Need To Understand

Whenever a defendant is released on bail, there will be court-issued requirements that the defendant will have to comply with if they are to avoid having their bail revoked. For those that use a bail bonding service, there may be some additional requirements that they will have to follow. A common example of this is regularly contacting the bail bonding service, but the exact requirements can vary. For this reason, defendants should closely review their bail bond agreement so that they can adhere to the various stipulations that it may require. Otherwise, they may accidentally put themselves in a position of violating these terms, which could have major consequences.

To learn more about posting bail, contact a 24-hour bail bonds service in your area.