Hire A Private Investigator To Delve Into The Depths Of Employee And Customer Satisfaction For Your Business

When some individuals think of the type of services that private investigators perform, they imagine amateur sleuths on a mission to expose situations such as philandering spouses caught in the act or trying to find missing persons. Most private detectives are not amateurs, and many of them have industry credentials and formal training. Some PIs have previous employment backgrounds in military and law enforcement. Although they provide well-known services to everyday citizens, they can also help businesses with their investigative skills.

Tips For Making The Most Of A Virtual Home Inspection

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused extensive disruptions and challenges for virtually every industry, including the world of real estate. This is a difficult time for those who are trying to buy homes. Not only might you feel uneasy about visiting different residences for showings, but you may also want to physically avoid attending a home inspection after submitting an offer. Too many people in attendance at a home inspection can pose a safety risk, but you can take part in this eventually virtually — all from the safety of your home.

How To Fly A 2020 Presidential Campaign Flag On Your Vehicle

If you plan to support your 2020 presidential candidate with a flag on your vehicle this summer, placing a high clearance flag pole on your SUV is the safest way. Showing your political support for a party is perfectly legal, as long as you mind a few rules for displaying political flags.  Here's what you need to know if you plan on displaying a presidential campaign flag on your summer vacation travels this year.

Three Tips For Getting A Home Inspection Before A Property Transfer

Buyers and sellers should be aware of skipping something important like a home inspection. Doctors give you checkups, car mechanics look up under the hood, and home inspectors give your house a complete review so you know about all the big issues that aren't found by the naked eye. It can save you trouble because 86% of people buying homes report that the inspectors found a problem. 1. What work do home inspectors do?

Laura Renee Maier Wild Woman – Reaching The Hearts Of Wild Women Everywhere

The Wild Woman movement seeks to celebrate the strengths, identities, and diversity of the wild women within. It works to create unity among women regardless of borders, geographic location, and language through art, philanthropy, and empowerment. To this end, Laura Renee Maier, wild woman extraordinaire and textile artist, has teamed up with fashion designer Myriam Marcela to create wearable art. This art will be auctioned around the world with the proceeds funding the Mexican Society for Women's Rights, A.